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The CyclingTips Fantasy League might seem new to many of you, but has been years in the making and not the first collaboration between CyclingTips and friends Byron Davy and Luke Beuchat. Byron and his mate Tim originally founded and designed the format of competition, originally called a 'tipping competition' (but we figured 'Fantasy' would resonate with more people globally) that they ran with their mates (aka 'The King's Men').

We've even worked with them to bring this competition to our audience years ago with great success in the past. However, the growth of the competition meant that proper IT and web development resources were needed, and none of us could afford it at the time. In recent years Luke came into the picture bringing his much needed expertise in building a proper platform to allow many players and automation behind the scenes.

Jump ahead to now, Luke, Byron and CyclingTips are thrilled to partner so we can bring their unique competition to our wider audience.

Get involved and enjoy getting closer to the real bike racing.