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Welcome to the CyclingTips Tour de Fantasy Femmes Competition

Here's the drill: Pick a rider, different rider, every night. The goal is pick a rider in the top 10 on every stage of the Grand Tour. There are prizes for all. Wait for the daily email. Abuse your mates, kick them when they're down, kick them when they're up, just kick them in general.

We’re shaking up the scoring system to make for a better competition. The new system rewards you with points for picking a rider in the top 10 of each stage, and the points scale is the same on every stage. In other words, you’ll get as many points for picking a sprint stage winner as you will for picking a mountaintop finish winner. Meanwhile, if you miss your proverbial throw at the start list dartboard on a breakaway day, you’ll be in the same boat as if you picked the 11th fastest finisher in a sprint, instead of being a seemingly insurmountable five minutes down on GC.

If you haven't played before it's as simple as, head over to the rules section and have a look.

Any queries, comments or suggestions please contact us.