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Welcome to the CyclingTips World Champs Fantasy Competition

The World Champs Elite Road Race is a effectively a one day race and probably the biggest on the World Tour Calendar. So the fantasy picking strategy is a little different. You need to pick 8 pro riders from the full start list for the race. Then your best six placed riders will be used to determine your overall rankings.

The Fantasy Competition will take the official GC time of your best 6 selected pro riders and add them all together to give you a cumulative total time for the race. And if you end up with the lowest cumulative GC time of all players in the Fantasy Competition then you'll take out the title of Fantasy Competition World Champ. Unfortunately no official jersey is available yet :)

If you haven't played before it's as simple as, head over to the rules section and have a look.

Any queries, comments or suggestions please contact us.