Welcome to the CyclingTips Fantasy Teams Competition 2020

Here's the drill: you need to select a team of eight riders from the official start list. For each stage your team will be allocated points based on the Scoring System. The overall rank of your cycling team will depend on the cumulative total of all the points gained by the selected riders on your team.

If you haven't played before its simple, head over to the rules and scoring section and have a read of how it all works.

Any queries, comments or suggestions please email: fantasy@cyclingtips.com

IMPORTANT #1 - Team Trading Window:

The Fantasy Teams Competition uses a Trading Window. This means you can change your team at regular intervals during the Competition. For the current Fantasy Comp the valid Trading Windows will be:

Before Stage 7 - 9th October

Before Stage 14 - 17th October

Put these dates as reminders in your Calendar as they will be critical to your success!